Companies seek to improve business effectiveness by delivering accurate, integrated information across the enterprise and beyond. SoftVerx helps you consistently develop and deploy data-centric applications faster and more reliably while ensuring flexibility to adapt to changing business and technology needs.

Our Enterprise Information Systems deliver a standards-based, unified information access infrastructure independent of database type, application, place, or system type. By deploying a secure and manageable end-to-end middleware solution for consistent data services to all users at all times, companies can maximize their business efficiency and the reliability of access to all their enterprise data.

SoftVerx consistently provides advanced data connectivity based on industry standards like ODBC, JDBC and ADO, to help improve the effectiveness of information and decisions that are driven by timely and accurate information.


A standard architecture for data access
Real-time standards-based access to all information regardless of platform or structure
Consistent, timely information for decision-making
Access to, and integration of, ERP information
Support for Web, client server or host-based applications
Speedy deployment of new applications


Tools, data components and a single, end-to-end middleware technology
Comprehensive capabilities to access, manage, monitor, secure and transact enterprise, application and Web data from one centralized location
Connectivity to the widest breadth and depth of databases, applications, architectures and standards in the industry
Real-time capabilities to encapsulate complex relational, legacy, desktop and Web business information into simple, extensible business queries and transactions
Rapid development and deployment while ensuring the highest quality, performance, reliability and capabilities required for mission-critical systems
Simplified end-user information access, centralized and streamlined administration, faster development and deployment, reduced costs and improved productivity.


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